Tracking Systems

7Technologies miniature locating devices broaden our customers’ ability to tag, monitor and locate small scale objects of interest, without the reliance on commercial communication networks.

Our product line development is based on front line, operational management and command experience, ensuring our technical solutions are realistic and effective.

Tracking Devices

7Technologies tracking devices utilise numerous communication networks to provide operators with truly global coverage. The devices communicate positional and situational data giving you accurate intelligence, in real time.

The devices ensure a robust and capable solution for tracking. Our devices enable long-duration deployments, essential tracking surveillance.


Locating Devices

7Technologies miniature locating devices ensure a robust and capable solution to tag and locate your most sensitive assets without reliance on third-party service providers.

The devices are highly resistant to compromise and designed for long-duration deployments. The devices are capable of receiving and transmitting commands to change between modes of operation

RF Transcievers

7Technologies transceivers allow you to track, command and receive RF information from devices by land, sea or air.

Our transceivers come in different strengths and sizes and are fully scalable to suit your requirement. All transceivers are tried and tested in remote and austere environments.

Multiple networks are available (3G, 4G and Iridium), allowing you to share your data within a global network.


Monitoring software

7Technologies advanced tracking and monitoring software makes operators aware of all activities occurring across a surveillance operation.

Analysis of collated information allows patterns and networks to be identified and understood.


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