Cutting-edge technology, inspired by Customer needs.
In today’s landscape, the only constant is change.

In the words of Klaus Schwab (CEO World Economic Forum), the accelerating fusion of technologies “blurs the lines between the physical, digital and biological” – it is a state of play which has forced 7Technologies to rethink what it means to deliver solutions which are truly built for purpose.

This thinking has prompted a formidable current and future technology line-up, placing specific Customer needs at the epicentre of our design and engineering. This allows us to deliver cost-effective, intelligent and interoperable solutions across both simple and complex requirements.

Our solutions cover Sensor Systems across all capability areas including Tracking Systems, AI, Machine Learning, and Tactical Cyber solutions, with a focus on autonomous fusion development.

Sensor Fusion and AI

7Technologies have developed an intelligent technical surveillance system providing instantaneous front-end analysis and reporting. This significantly reduces risk to mission and assets, whilst acting as a force multiplier.

Sensor Systems

7Technologies localised and over the horizon sensor systems provide our customers with a complete capability to observe, sense and detect activity of interest, no matter where in the world.

Our sensor provision is driven by capability and not focused on a single technology. Our sensor technologies provision includes multiple ground sensors, a complete range of RF intelligence capability and the very best in electro optical systems.

Tracking Systems

7Technologies miniature locating devices broaden our customers’ ability to tag, monitor and locate small scale objects of interest, without the reliance on commercial communication networks.

Our product line development is based on front line, operational management and command experience, ensuring our technical solutions are realistic and effective.


7Technologies is a world leader in ISTAR solutions. Contact us today and one of our specialists will be in touch.