Security industry products can be complex and Seven Technologies Group are firmly committed to training our clients in the operation and application of our systems so ensuring maximum operational effectiveness.

We provide a specialist range of training programmes to clients which are delivered by subject matter experts who have first-hand experience in their field.

Courses can be structured for the inexperienced and established client and are presented in multiple formats, but commonly comprise a theory aspect followed by a practical exercise where applicable. A standard course is recommended to cater for a maximum of 4 students however, this can be increased to 6 depending on the topic taught.

Seven Technologies Group delivers expert knowledge & practical drill and skills based training in a professional environment.

In addition to the standard programmes on offer we also have the capability to develop and deliver bespoke training packages to meet a customer’s specific training needs. These are designed to meet different learning preferences and industry standards.

Options for ongoing access to operational support on a 24/7 basis is also available subject to discussion.