Industry proven technical surveillance capability across multiple sectors including military, border surveillance, policing and law enforcement.

National Security

Our surveillance systems support the ability to identify threats early and help reduce the damage before it occurs. Systems are designed and fully optimised for a range of operational applications.


Surveillance systems enhance the intelligence picture for operators and commanders alike. Our solutions are both robust and scalable, tried and tested in the most challenging environments around the world.

Our solutions include extended sensor coverage enabling surveillance capability, communications, command and control.
Operator self-sufficiency is paramount and promoted through our on-the-ground support and training.


Policing & Law Enforcement

Identifying and gathering evidence and intelligence to help make informed decisions is a key requirement in Policing & Law Enforcement. 7Technologies have been providing technical surveillance solutions to Policing & Law Enforcement agencies for such purposes for over 40 years, each solution being fully optimised and designed for their operational environment.


We understand that the prevention of crime, detection of offenders and protection of the most vulnerable are priorities in Policing & Law Enforcement. We provide technical surveillance solutions to support operations in achieving these goals. Our enhanced data fusion provides evidence and intelligence creation helping to facilitate investigations and prosecutions effectively, efficiently and legitimately.

7Technologies technical surveillance solutions provide proven leading-edge capabilities across communications, command and control to Policing & Law Enforcement Commanders. Reliable, scalable, robust and tested in operational environments across the world.


Counter Terrorism

The very heart of 7Technologies technical surveillance provision is based upon a determination to protect people and defeat terrorism.


7Technologies products support our customers’ requirements to monitor subjects of interest and gather evidence to bring offenders to justice.

Border Surveillance

Our solutions include extended sensor coverage and surveillance capability, designed to improve awareness and effectiveness. Border force self-sufficiency is ensured through our on-the-ground support and training.

Border surveillance


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