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Rail Protection CCTV

Rail Protection CCTV


Seven was approached to implement a discreet CCTV surveillance system to cover rail crossing points with the aim to highlight dangerous and potentially illegal crossing of the line when the barriers or warning signs were in operation.

Project Overview

The aim of the project was to supply a complete security system, capable of identifying offenders and dangerous activity. The system had to be inconspicuous in order to catch offenders, preventing them from illegally crossing rail tracks at other sites, endangering lives. The remoteness of some of the sites also meant that any overt systems would be subject to possible tamper and vandalism.

Rail Protection CCTV

Seven worked closely with the customer to accurately define the specification of the system and conducted all integration with current systems, manufacture of key components and installation of the complete solution (including civil works) at all required crossing sites.

The first obstacle for Seven was that many of the crossing points were in rural settings with limited power supplies. In order to ensure continuous operation, power management was therefore critical.

Solar panels were an ideal solution and integrated into the CCTV system to maintain a continuous charge on the main supply battery.

Seven housed a day / night auto changeover camera along with power supplies and Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors (used to filter image captures) in a general purpose electrical installation container. Seven also undertook the civil works required to erect mounting poles at all sites and conducted the mounting of the CCTV containers.

The cameras fed images back to the commercial headquarters, allowing for the customer to easily monitor all sites, highlighting and reacting to any misuse of the crossings. The systems have been in operation for a number of years and provide improved safety at many sites due to the identification of offenders’ intent on putting their own lives and those of passengers and rail staff at risk.

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