Case Studies

Border Surveillance

Border Surveillance

Middle East

Recently Seven was commissioned to upgrade, repair and deploy new surveillance equipment for a high threat Border Security system in the Middle East.

Project Overview

As a fast turnaround project, Seven worked with both the sponsoring agency and those tasked with the ongoing development of the border control capability to assess the current surveillance capabilities and specific requirements of the harsh environment.

Border Surveillance

Seven was approached to provide a system that:

· Allowed for surveillance across large expanses of territory between controlled fixed observation posts;

· Provided local operatives the ability to quickly identify and intercept threats;

· Would work in adverse conditions requiring a rugged solution;

· Utilised existing infrastructure as both a cost and time saving measure.

The final solution utilised existing infrastructure combined with Seven’s reliable long-range surveillance equipment with accessories specifically designed to suit the environment. The solution features:

· Long Range Cameras including high sensitivity day/night colour and black and white capabilities and a x60 optical zoom;

· Pan and Tilt Units to allow for 360° visibility across a wide region, controlled by an easy to use centralised system;

· Wind domes, provided to cope with severe conditions and to protect the camera from debris;

· Illuminators for area illumination up to 3km.

Currently installed, the border security system is running on a daily basis, providing indispensable assistance in monitoring ongoing threats and aiding
in communication across observation points. The easy to use system requires little maintenance and training therefore meeting all the requirements of the client.

This case study illustrates Seven’s ability to deliver cost effective high end solutions in austere environments on time and within budget. If you are interested in bespoke security system for border surveillance or perimeter detection please contact our Business Development Team today.