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Border Area Protection

Border Area Protection


Seven Technologies Group recently provided a state-of-the-art solution for identifying border intruder activity, covering multiple points via a Nodal architecture.

Project Overview

Seven’s i7hield system has been deployed along an African border region to create an advanced remote surveillance and monitoring capability. This system instantly alerts a control centre of any cross border intrusion enabling an immediate response. The most intelligent part of the system allows for distinction between human and animal activity.

Border Area Protection

i7hield provides a vital, almost real-time, link between the recognition of a moving object in remote inhospitable environments and a central control or monitoring base. The cameras are spread along the border to give 2km coverage overall, allowing for remote monitoring of intelligence lead cross border ‘hotspots’.

i7hield also provides a state-of-the-art solution for identifying and distinguishing between intruders and animal activity meaning only relevant data is forwarded to the command centre. This saves on both time and money resource.

“i7hield is the ideal solution for remote detection and alerting covering perimeters or border areas

i7hield is specifically designed for remote deployment utilising satellite connectivity for instant image transmission. The i7hield system can monitor up to ten camera feeds from a single Iridium® node spread over a 1km radius, giving the system a 2km coverage range. This unique ability allows a single i7hield system to cover an area that previously required multiple systems – saving both time and money. The cameras are supported by sensors using a combination of magnetic, seismic or PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) detection methods in the foreground, to provide situation awareness.

I7heild is an essential tool for detection requirements to tackle situations such as intruder detection, illegal trespassing, critical infrastructure protection and pipeline security.

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