Seven Technologies Group (7TG) is a UK defence manufacturer, specialising in the provision of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. With over 40 years industry experience and a combined legacy of 180 years of real-world operational experience, 7TG prides itself in offering its customers the right solution for the right environment. 7TG is an award-winning proactive company with a global presence spanning Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


Our core values support the vision, shape the culture and reflect the aspirations of Seven Technologies Group. Seven Technologies Group operates under four core values:


    The End User is the businesses primary focus and the provision of capability to that end User is 7TG’s number one priority.


    Be open and transparent with User groups to engender and maintain trust through all activities from Research right through to Operational Support and maintenance of products and systems.


    Do what we said we would do! The End User expects 7TG to do what it said it would do, in a timely and effective manner. The business strives to achieve this across all of its activities.


    Deliver on time, to budget and to specification. End Users have operations planned on the provision of capability and delays have significant impacts, therefore 7TG aims to match the Users expectations every time. In an event where that’s not possible every effort is made to resolve the issue in a timely manner and keep the customer in the communications loop throughout.


Seven Technologies Group’s mission is to provide cutting-edge ISR systems to approved global military and government end users. With a commitment to funded research and development programmes, 7TG will continue to push boundaries and create unique solutions for our customers. As a customer-focused organisation, our mission is to continue to provide our end Users with a single focal point. This includes delivering all aspects of their ISR needs, supported by unparalleled operational expertise utilising both 7TG and third-party systems as necessary to support the end users aim.


Seven Technologies Group's history is filled with hard work and dedication to the industry. The organisation continues to progress with key acquisitions throughout its history.


    The trading business was established when the two founders left the MoD at the end of their full careers.


    The business won its first MoD contract


    The business won its first DoD contract


    Seven Technologies acquired Ultrafine Technology to expand the business's geographical footprint (creation of a London office) and product lines.


    Seven Technologies secured a minority equity investment to allow the business to expand more rapidly. The board of directors was strengthened when Richard Moon, the former CEO of Thales UK plc, was appointed as chairman.


    Seven Technologies acquired AIM-listed Datong PLC (subsequently de-listed) to secure the business within the covert tracking market as a leading provider of RFDF and GPS denied tagging, tracking and locating (TTL) systems, along with a substantial engineering capacity in Leeds. This resulted in the establishment of the combined Seven Technologies Group (7TG).


    7TG opens a regional office in Abu Dhabi to drive and support emerging new business in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.