About 7Technologies

7Technologies has a proven track record of successfully bringing pioneering built-for-purpose products and services to market, for use by government, military and law enforcement customers. Employing people across our UK and international offices we have a global presence spanning Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Founded on operational experience and technical expertise, the ability to anticipate and develop products based on end user requirements before the need is identified, remains a linchpin to our strong customer relationships and organisational growth today.

The quality of our product offering is enhanced by a commitment to customer service, consultancy with dedicated 24/7 operational support team, and industry-leading training.


Since inception, our work ethic, the solutions we offer, and our approach to products, including R&D has been driven by Customer requirements and technology developments.

  • Enduring relationships based on mutual understanding, shared values, respect for our customers, partners, suppliers and our own people.

  • A holistic and pioneering approach incorporating training, development, consultancy, research, and operational support. It has been this breadth and quality of delivery that has carved out our distinction in the field of Surveillance.

  • Products which are designed as indisputably capable and built for purpose.
  • Heritage
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7Technologies history is filled with hard work and dedication to the industry. The organisation continues to progress with key acquisitions throughout its history.


    Business founded when two founders left MoD at the end of their full careers.


    Secured first MoD contract


    Secured first DoD contract

    secured first >£1m contract


    Acquired Ultrafine Technology to expand the business’s product line and geographic footprint

    Secured first >£5m contract


    YFM minority equity investment to accelerate growth and expansion


    Acquired Datong PLC to enter the covert tracking market as a leading provider of RF and GPS denied tagging, tracking and locating (TTL) systems


    New management team buy in and YFM complete majority equity investment

    Secured position on US framework agreement.


    New brand launch

    First autonomous, intelligent , next generation products released


The Intelligence Technology partner of choice


Connected intelligence for a safer world

Brand Purpose

To support our customers and partners in making the world a safer place

Why 7Technologies?

7Technologies combines operational experience with world-class engineering to provide you with globally-leading ISTAR systems. With a business built around our Customer requirements, we are committed to 4 principal deliverables:

  • Purpose built solutions

    Purpose Built Solutions

    7Technologies design, develop and manufacture products based on a unique understanding of the operational environment.
    Hardware: Rugged and designed for endurance, our products use minimal power for extensive durations in the toughest environments, providing optimal ISTA solutions.
    Software and evolving technology: Unprecedented capabilities in a new generation of technical surveillance solutions, to deliver interoperable, optimally cost and resource efficient technology compatible with today’s and tomorrow’s systems.

  • Training and consultation

    Training and Consultation

    Our individual products and capabilities are specifically designed to provide our customers with the best opportunity of success. In support of this statement, we utilise our broad operational experience in this field to provide our customer with the very best in training and consultation.
    We provide a range of tailored, bespoke training programmes designed and delivered by experienced subject matter experts. .

  • Provision and sales

    Provision and Sales

    Due to the timely nature of the industry we operate in, efficient sales and provisioning are imperative. We have strict processes and protocols in place that allow us to provide you with the quality solutions you need, when you need them.
    7Technologies is ISO 27001 accredited and the Business Development team are readily available to help with enquiries.

  • Managed services and support

    Managed Services and Support

    7Technologies is renowned for the quality of its operational support: Readily available and operationally aware, 24/7 real time response to handle any repairs or maintenance issues that may arise. No matter the hour.

Corporate Memberships

7Technologies are proud members of trade bodies across the world:



7Technologies is a world leader in ISTAR solutions. Contact us today and one of our specialists will be in touch.