Our response to the current COVID-19 pandemic

We are all facing difficult and worrying times with the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 7TG will use this page to keep our customers up to date on the status of our core facilities.

This information will be updated regularly, so please check for updates.


Unaffected with no delays expected.

Slightly affected with potential delays.

Directly affected with delays and cancellations expected.

Engineering Programmes

Our engineering teams are continuing their day to day function although we have increased remote working in accordance with Government guidelines. These restrictions may impact on our activities but we are endeavouring to mitigate.

Support and Services

Our support team is continuing to respond to calls and emails; however, we will not be able to provide our onsite services.


Our production team are continuing as normal.


Dispatches are continuing as normal and the team are monitoring any issues that may arise from the distribution networks.


We have begun the process of returning staff to the office. There will be employees at all site, however we would ask you not to visit our offices at this time, unless it is extremely urgent. Please contact our staff through normal channels if you require any assistance.


We are implementing Government guidance and restricting travel and customer engagements until further notice. Therefore, we will not be holding or attending any physical meeting and will be using several available technologies to continue business as best we can. Please contact us for details.


All of our staff have been supplied with remote internet telephone capabilities. Please continue to use our normal telephone details as usual.


All staff have access to their email, please continue to communicate via email.